Cabin Lake Fall 2018 Exploration

Rover Metals Corp. (TSXV: ROVR) (“Rover Metals” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the successful completion of the first phase of its fall-2018 exploration program on its 100% owned Cabin Lake property. Phase one of exploration was comprised of an Unmanned Aerial Survey (“UAS”) Supported Total Field Magnetic Survey. The Total Field Magnetic UAS (see image at Table 1 below) covered the entirety of the property for a total of 102 line-kilometers of collected data. Survey lines were placed at 25m and 50m spacings and readings were taken at one second intervals. The survey has proven to be very effective in delineating the Bugow Iron Formation and multiple other anomalous zones similar in kind to the known gold bearing zones tested by previous explorers with much higher resolution than in previous campaigns. Rover Metals is also pleased to announce that its geochemical survey which commenced on September 20, 2018 has now been completed. The geochemical survey covered an area of approximately 1.5km x 1km in the Southeastern part of the property at close sample spacing (25m between samples within lines 50m apart from each other in a North-South line orientation) for a total of 485 sampled stations. The geochemical survey was bounded at the western side by the known Cabin Lake, Beaver and Camp gold zones east (Andrew South zone) covering an area of high density of NE-SW lineaments/faults/shear zones and their intersection by repetition of folding of the Bugow Iron Formation, host of the Cabin Lake Gold zone and other gold zones within the property. Structural reconnaissance and surface outcrop mapping was done concurrently to the geochemical survey to expand the overall understanding on the structures controlling gold mineralization. Rover Metals expects to announce the results of geochemical survey in the coming weeks. click here